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Getting free Microsoft points

August 1, 2012

Is there anyone who isn’t interested in getting free Microsoft points? I don’t think so, because everyone who loves using their Xbox would also love to get more stuff from the Marketplace for free.

You can make Microsoft points if you make an alternate gamer tag which you will use on the Xbox Live if you decide to boost the other players. What boosters do is advertising their services by using gamer tags to play games. Many of the players will initiate contact with and offer free points to the booster if he agrees to intentionally lose the games so they could practice and improve the gamer score on the records of the leader board. Boosting is quite common when it comes to playing Xbox Live, but it is important for you to remember that it is also considered to be cheating and it is definitely unacceptable by Microsoft if it becomes substantiated. Another tip we can give you is to register your gamer tag to review promotions on Xbox Live Marketplace and buy the games that offer free points with the purchase.

You can easily find such offers through your browser and any points or games you obtain will be downloaded automatically to your console the following time you decide to log on to the Xbox Live. Another important thing to have into consideration is that the Microsoft points, including the points earned online and the free points are valid for use only with Microsoft services and products and you cannot redeem them for cash.

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