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Running with a step counter

July 31, 2012

A pedometer, also known as step counter, is a very helpful device with the size of a pager, which tracks the number of steps while you walk, jog or run. Pedometers require calibration at the start of each running or walking session, in order to ensure that they will provide an accurate calculation of the total steps. Once you configure and test your counter, just attach it to the waistband and start running as you normally do.
After a couple of runs, you won’t even notice that the pedometer is there to count your every step. Your pedometer features a “Reset” button which needs to be pressed in order to set the count to zero and prepare it for your new session. If your device provides a stride length feature, you should set it too. Most of the modern digital pedometers allow you to choose from long or short strides. Attach your device on the belt or waistband and position it 2-4 inches from the belly button. Warm up the legs by walking 100 paces and take the pedometer to check its accuracy. If the reading shows 90-100 steps, then the device is functioning accurately and you may continue where you stopped. If the reading is not correct, you should reset the counter to zero and check its accuracy again. When you make sure that it counts your steps as correctly as possible, put the device back onto your belt or waistband and begin walking or running as you normally do. Be careful not to lose your counter because it may fall of if you don’t attach it properly.

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