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Counting steps

July 31, 2012

Modern gadgets usually come equipped with plenty of little bonus features a lot of people aren’t even aware what they do. I recently discovered that my Sony Ericsson cellphone had a pedometer device preinstalled and in all honesty they really should have marketed this particular part of the phone a bit more clearly. Pedometers are great if you are into any kind of fitness activity, since they can count your steps and calculate calories spent according to those lines.

In general, there are plenty of dedicated pedometer devices out there, but these usually come included with GPS or heart monitors working on Bluetooth, which significantly raises the price of the whole device. However, it is still an extremely useful gadget to have if you are anywhere near serious about your fitness activities. Basically, this uses a gyro meter to work and can recognize each disturbance you make with every step. This is obviously something you need to activate separately, since one might shake his phone all the time, which would make the pedometer react and count the steps that are not actually made. Once you get into running or jogging, obviously every step you make will be recognized and this is a great way to keep a close eye on your workouts and calories you spend during each of them. There are many devices that allow you to connect it to your computer and keep a clean tabular overview of your performance over a specific period of time, which is rather useful and helps you keep a track of your progress.

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