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TV signal reception

July 30, 2012

Are you having problems with your TV reception? Have you checked your tv aerial recently? This is, in fact, the most common cause for problems related with your TV signal quality, but just in case you might want to check your antenna cable first. Since this cable carries analog TV signal, it is prone towards wear over time, which can cause some issues with your TV reception.

The fact that digital TV was introduced recently does not change this fact, as the signal is still being converted from analog to digital, whether in a separate unit, or in TV itself. You can get a new cable for about $1 at K-mart. If this does not solve your problems, you should head on to your antenna to check out its state and examine it for a bit.

Your antenna should not have any rust on it and should retain its original shape. Any cracks or dents can cause interferences to your signal, so if this is the case with your antenna, you’d be much better off to purchase a new one as soon as possible. Antenna is really a very simple piece of metal, even though it is shaped for its purpose. It is designed in such a way to capture TV signals from all areas, which make it much more efficient for this. You might have noticed that there are some more expensive antennas out there that are simply bigger in size – these can capture TV signal with much more accuracy while eliminating interference at the same time.

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