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Tracking mobile phones

May 15, 2012

Almost every one of us has a mobile phone and someone even has two, from different providers. Mobile phones today are necessity and they are part of every day’s life. In early years of telecommunications, phones were wired and even the handset was attached to the phone. Also they were pretty expensive devices and rarely some family had a possibility to have one. Later through years, phones developed into cordless. While the phone still was fixed to the main telephone wire, at least the headset was wireless and we were able to take it with us in every room of our house and make comfortable conversations lying on our bed. After that on the scene came even smaller devices that don’t even had wires. The only wire used, was the charger to recharge the phone battery which last, depending on the type and tempo of using, 2-5 days. And because of that autonomy and ability to talk with others wherever there is a network from your provider, they were called mobile phones.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones today are not at all expensive devices. Of course there is a whole range of different types and prices, but if you want only to make and receive calls and to send and receive some sms messages, the most basic models will do the job and they are under 50$. As the phones get enriched with more and more functions like: digital camera, mp3 player, document viewers (word, pdf, etc.), java games, GPS and other; they become more sophisticated devices with prices comparable with the computers. Today phones equipped with many different functions and ability to connect to internet, with large LCD/LED screens and lot of multimedia applications are usually called smartphones. One of the most popular smartphone in the world is IPhone from Apple. There are also other popular and quality brands of mobile phones like Samsung, LG, Nokia, HTC, etc. Internet connectivity allows you to be informed on the way. You can read news, watch videos on You Tube and even chatting sharing photos with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, etc. GPS maps can help you in driving where you can easily find the right street in a big city.

Mobile phones tracking

One of the most interesting and useful features of having a smartphone with a GPS is that you can track other persons by their mobile phone number. For example on the german website it is very easy to track someone’s mobile phone number just following three simple steps. First when you open the page you can see a big red button. For easier navigation turn on Google Translate to translate the page from german into english. Click on the red button and you will be relocated on the page where you can enter a mobile phone you wish to track. On your phone you will receive a code through sms. This code is used to stop tracking.

Reasons to use phone tracking

This mobile phones trucking is very useful for different reasons. Maybe you have little kids who just started to go to school alone. You can track them by their mobile phones and be sure whether they make on time for the lessons, or, are they coming back home. In other cases if your mobile phone is stolen, you can try to track and locate the thieves and even you can block your phone for them so it can be used anymore.

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